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When fetching data from an external source, it’s important to verify its integrity. This happens when processing user inputs, calling third-party APIs, loading configuration files, and so on. And the thing is: Typescript doesn’t come with runtime validation. Any type assertions are removed at compile-time.

As a result, developers turn to third-party validation libraries. But that landscape is fragmented, lacking a single best option. Each offers different trade-offs on developer experience, bundle size, and community support.

TypeSchema enables writing code that works with any validation library out-of-the-box. It provides a universal adapter for interacting with any validation schema, decoupling from implementation specifics and increasing compatibility.

import {validate} from '@typeschema/main';

import {z} from 'zod';
import {string} from 'valibot';

const zodSchema = z.string();
await validate(zodSchema, '123');
//    ^? {success: true, data: '123'}

const valibotSchema = string();
await validate(valibotSchema, 123);
//    ^? {success: false, issues: [...]}


We value flexibility, which is why there are multiple ways of using TypeSchema:

  1. Using an adapter directly (e.g. @typeschema/valibot): Best pick for end developers, when the validation library is known ahead of time. This is particularly useful for supporting more validation libraries on tRPC.
  2. Handpicking adapters with @typeschema/main: Recommended for library maintainers. Any validation library can be used, but adapters have to be explicitly installed. This allows end developers to trade-off between coverage and bundle size.
  3. Batteries included with @typeschema/all: Easiest to use. All adapters are automatically installed, including future ones. This is a drop-in replacement for the deprecated @decs/typeschema.


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